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I have seen the beauty of the wiring, and come to see the beauty of the installation project!

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The first phase of construction project engineering and electrical installation projects of the Optics Valley Tongji Hospital of Huazhong University of Science and Technology includes construction of water, drainage and heating engineering, building electrical engineering, ventilation and air -conditioning engineering. The electromechanical cost is 176 million yuan. Facing the installation processes with so huge volume and so many construction types, the project team strictly controls quality management by using BIM technology to achieve the "very comfortable" effect of installation projects. Earlier, the editor published a wiring article "The German IT perfect wiring, which can be called a artwork!" The gold fans liked it very much. Today, the editor found another article that can be called the perfect installation project to share with you .


Refrigeration machine rooms and air -conditioning heat exchanges in -room equipment, pipelines, valves and accessories are neatly arranged, reliable, reasonable, and reasonable. The identification is clear, the nameplate is complete, and the bracket is safe, beautiful, and atmospheric.


The refrigeration room layout is reasonable, the equipment is reliable, and the bracket is safe, reliable, and atmospheric.




The air -conditioning water pump is stable, shock absorption, reliable ground, and aluminum skin protection.


The layout of the air -conditioning heat exchanges is reasonable, the equipment is reliable, the bracket is safe, reliable, and atmospheric, and the logo is clear.



The living water pump is firmly installed with the fire pump room equipment. The stainless steel pipe is isolated from the carbon steel pipeline. The valve is high, and the pipeline is beautiful.



The layout of the living water pump room is beautiful, the aluminum skin is exquisitely protected, the pipeline is rowed, and the logo is clear.



The layout of the fire pump room is beautiful, the valve is high, the paint is evenly painted, the pipeline is rowed into the line, and the identification is clear.


The fire pump room valve heights the same height, the paint is evenly painted, and the pipeline is rowed.



The fire pump room equipment is firmly installed, the valve heights is consistent, the valve is strongly stressed, the paint is evenly painted, and the pipelines are rowed into the line.



The power distribution cabinet in the fire pump room is reliable, the lines of the inside of the cabinet are orderly, the bottom insulation plate is insulated, and the fire prevention is blocked in place.


Fire pump equipment ground



Water tank