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Talk about mechanical design ideas and experience sharing

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When you enter the mechanical design industry for a while, you should figure out the idea of mechanical product design, which helps you look at the product from the overall height. Let me briefly talk about my understanding of the design of the mechanical product.


1. Clarify the overall parameters of product functions and satisfaction;


2. Familiar with the form and advantages and disadvantages of mechanical transmission, hydraulic transmission, air pressure transmission, and electrical transmission; reasonably select the transmission method and drive route. The transmission process is from the original motivation to the execution agency. The transmission process can be understood as the power of the original motivation, and finally the execution agency's rotation (required torque and speed) or straight movement.


3. Push the original motivation power through the requirements of the execution agency and the known transmission process. The power must be margin, and then the transmission ratio is rationally distributed. The final output must be calculated first. When the requirements are required, the execution agency cannot exercise, and the speed is a pseudo -proposition.


4. By calculating the parameters of each foreign purchase, choose the manufacturer for parameters and price comparisons, and finally determine that the configuration and shape size of the external purchase must be determined.


5. Consider the arrangement of each component through the size of the outsourced parts and the structure of the whole machine, and fully consider the installation requirements, maintenance requirements and special requirements of each component.


6. Preliminary calculation of the force of the main structure, and select a reasonable section size.


7.Carry out specific structural design.

 Mechanical design skills: 

1. Learn to check the manual and check the relevant papers. First of all, you can learn about it yourself. Don't ask others if you don't move.


2. Try to understand the commonly used outsourced parts brands, learn as much as possible to learn about the types of foreign purchases and standards, and broaden the knowledge.


3. Master the standard diagram skills, ensure the beauty of the diagram, and the marking is reasonable. It is necessary to solidly grasp the graphic standards and the principles of labeling and the technical knowledge.


4. Master a variety of scientific calculations methods and formulas, and generally have a confidence in the transmission route of the product.


5. Understand the performance and principles of commonly used materials.


6. Learn to learn from the structure and design ideas of existing products (you can take a lot of detours after seriously).


7. Don't limit the design of the structure, both hydraulic and electrical knowledge must be understood.


8. Common force analysis calculations must know the method and formula.


9. Some commonly used data must be memorized.


10. Be sure to have a sense of cost. You are not qualified without this consciousness.


11. The production file is introduced by related solutions to allow others to understand. (Do Don'T Make Me Think)


12. Regarding the computing learning form (Excel formula), it can save a lot of time.




In principle:


1. After careful inspection of your own calculations and patterns, first of all, you have no problems when you look at it and have no problems with the inspection. Don't give the questions a lot to others.


2. Being a structural design must consider the most economical solution, and the cost should be controlled during the design stage.


3. Pay attention to the design.


4. You must have a basis for following, or determine the theoretical calculation, or through analogy. If there is no basis, it means that you are based on design, so there is no reliability.


5. Moving the brain, mechanical design requires strong logical thinking, the brain does not turn, and the thinking is stagnant.


6. Pay attention to the learning of basic knowledge. Don't do it for a few years, I don't know if EQS, welded symbols, and theoretical are true size, thick teeth, fine teeth, 8.8 levels, gear variable positions, yield strength, strength, stiffness, bending section coefficient, displacement, flow, adjustment, adjustment Common knowledge such as quality treatment.


7. Other design principles to check information online will help.




1. "Price is value for money". First of all, your ability must match the high -tech you want, and each industry has the leaders of each industry. You have not reached that class, indicating that your ability is not enough. When you arrive at that class, you can look back, you will find that "in fact, my brother also wants to be low -key, so that the strength can not be allowed".


2. The mechanical design knowledge system is huge. It takes time to learn slowly. Unless you do n’t do this, you must continue to learn and constantly force yourself to learn new knowledge.


4. Consciously cultivate your own management ability and learn to be a leader.


5. Talk about less software, do not rely too much on 3D software, focus on cultivating two -dimensional basic knowledge.


6. You always have to pay back when you come out. If you do n’t want to get started, it means that you have too much knowledge that you lack. According to the idea of the system, you can slowly supplement the relevant basic knowledge.


7. If you really do n’t have a cold for machinery, I advise Jun to leave early. This pit is a bit deep, do n’t get deeper and deeper.


8. You must learn to do it yourself. One day you will find that I am so powerful.