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Structural scheme evaluation standards for doing things.

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How to choose the best solution from many schemes, and in what are the aspects of thinking and comprehensive assessment?


The following aspects are mainly considered when analyzing and evaluating the structure scheme:


1) Function

Whether the selected scheme fully guarantees the function of implementing the requirements.


2) The principle of function

To achieve the required functions, the principle of selected function is appropriate, and the impact of the interference factor is relatively small.


3) Structure

There are few parts, simple structure shape, small volume, and no factors that are difficult to estimate in the calculation.


4) Safety and reliability

Prioritize the direct (ingenious) security effect, without the structure of additional protection measures.


5) Human -computer science

Correctly solve the relationship between human and machines and beautiful shapes.


6) Processing and manufacturing

The amount of processing is small, and the processing method is a common method, without expensive and complex knives, tools, and fixtures.


7) Test

The inspection is convenient and reliable, the workload is small, and these inspections can ensure the quality of the product.


8) Preparation

Easy, convenient, fast, and no special tools.


9) Transportation

Can use ordinary transportation.


10) Use

Simple operation, long life, and small wear.


11) Maintenance

Maintenance and cleaning and lack of workload, easy to check, easy to repair, obvious thresholds before failure.


12) Recycling (green design concept)

After the equipment is scrapped, it is easy to recover as raw materials.


13) Expense

The cost of purchase, installation and operation is low, the auxiliary cost is small, the equipment can be completed on schedule, and there is no risk in progress.


14) Law

Whether it is in line with the relevant laws and regulations of the state, relevant departments, and enterprises, such as the Patent Law.


The evaluation of a mechanical system can be refined into several entries according to the above basic principles. If necessary, increase or decrease, evaluate separately one by one, and then make a overall evaluation of each plan.

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