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Appreciation of mechanical design structure

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  1. CLIP continuous liquid surface formin


    This technology can increase the speed of traditional 3D printing by tens or even 100 times. The principle of CLIP printing technology is roughly as follows: There is a very important part in the printing device, which can pass both oxygen and light, similar to contact lenses. The role of light is to initiate polymerization (curing), and the important role of oxygen is to prevent the parts that do not need to be printed from not polymerizing and forming (not curing). Through special precise control technology, the parts that need to be cured are cured, and the parts that do not need to be cured are cured. Stopped by the oxygen, the print ends up perfectly rendered, so the result is a shaped object that appears to be "lifted" from the liquid. Naturally, the printing speed has also increased hundreds of times.


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