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As long as the milling cutter is simply improved, the efficiency is greatly improved!

Source: Browse:136 The release date:2021.11.16 [ Large medium small ]

Take a look, what kind of knife is this? Is it an ordinary milling cutter?


Looking at the attached view again, the original difference from the ordinary milling cutter is that there are a few more grooves on the upper handle.


Installed on the knife row, it produces internal cooling, and its effect is self-evident. International first, nowhere to buy, just make it yourself.



The threaded hole on the edge of the processing step is too short.



A self-made extension pole, simple and practical!!!


Is this an ordinary anti-scraper row? YES!


A hole is punched in the middle, and a slot is opened in the front (see the previous picture) to become an anti-scraper row with internal cooling. Slightly improved, the efficiency is greatly improved!

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