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I don't know the unspoken rules in the power plant.

Source: Browse:34 The release date:2021.09.07 [ Large medium small ]

 1. Who proposes to do more

All responsible and responsible leaders will attach great importance to everyone's opinions and suggestions; all responsible and responsible power plant personnel will proactively put forward their own opinions and suggestions to unit leaders.


This is a normal thing, but there will be results that make you dumbfounded. For example, Xiao Ming puts forward a very creative suggestion, and of course the unit leader must affirm it and praise it. Then, the conversation often turns, "It's rare that Xiao Ming thinks so deeply about this matter, so Xiao Ming is responsible for implementing this suggestion"-this is the trust of the organization.


 It should be said that this situation is reasonable, and it is also a kind of organizational trust. But why do so many people feel dumbfounded? The reason is that this kind of trust and affirmation also breaks the original division of responsibilities.


If this continues, the people in the power plant who love to study and think will probably "grow one's wisdom through one thing", and then "one more thing is worse than one less thing." Next time, if there are good opinions and suggestions, they will not be mentioned again. The innovative spirit of a unit may be slowly eroded like this.



2. Who can do more

 Those who can do more work, this is the most basic rule of the workplace. If you are capable, of course you have to do more.

Whether it is a leader who arranges tasks or a competent subordinate, they have the same understanding on this issue. There is nothing wrong with this workplace law, but the problem is to do more if you are capable, and correspondingly to do less or even quit if you cant.


 For example, a superior leader suddenly comes to inspect a certain job and needs to provide a key written report. As a result, there will be such a situation: the leader in charge said that this report is too important, and it will affect the unit if the report is not good. We really cant write such an important report material. We can do something specific. Let XX write, he writes well, he must write well.


 Such a suggestion will basically be approved by the leadership 100%, because it is for the sake of the unit as a whole. So, keep writing whatever you can, keep writing, the more you write, the more you can write, and the more you can write, the more you can write. When you nag one day, someone next to you will definitely say: You are so capable, who do you not do?


 The problem behind this phenomenon is still a question of responsibility. Whoever does his job, this is a legitimate workplace principle. If you cant or dont do your things well, let those who can do it well. This goingis not a task, but a positionput capable people on the job, wont the problem be solved?


     In the end, those who are able work harder, and those who are able should get more. The most fearful thing is: whoever has the ability to do hard work depends on the ability; whoever has the ability will do it; if there is promotion and reuse, it depends on the seniority, whoever is old enough.


3. Whoever is soft-hearted will do more

 There are still a majority of good people in power plants. Helping and supporting each other has always been the mainstream in power plants. However, there are also tributaries outside the mainstream. There will always be small partners with high EQ in the workplace who will use your softheartedness to the extreme.


For example, Xiao Ming is responsible for writing comprehensive materials in the office of the unit, and a certain task in another department needs to be summarized. Seeing that it is about to get off work, the section chief comes to Xiao Ming: "Brother Ming, please drink tonight, please do something."


So, soft and slow soaking, a lot of good things, of course, there are good wine and good dishes. Then say: "We really can't write this summary. You are the biggest pen in the unit. You can help me. I beg you. What kind of alcohol and cigarettes you want to drink in the future? Its guaranteed not to spend public money without breaking the rules."


Speaking of this, Xiao Ming is not soft-hearted but also soft-hearted: Isn't it just working overtime? I would rather work overtime than hurt feelings. Therefore, if you are soft-hearted, you will work more, and the softer you are, the more you will work. One day, if Xiao Ming refuses once for some reason, someone will immediately say that Xiao Ming has changed and become selfish.

 Behind this problem is still a problem that bears its own responsibility. You can't try to play tricks when you are tired.


Of course, if you encounter problems that cannot be solved, it is not wrong to ask for help. The key is not to spend your mind on asking for help. If it's just a sip of wine and a chopsticks dish, Xiao Ming won't bother you that much.


This kind of asking for help is still a bit of a human touch. Although there are tricks, it is better than those who have problems and ask the leader to push 625. Leaders are often too helpless, so they have to transfer the Huaniu's cart to the scalpers to pull, and the scalpers' carts can't be left behind. This method of running the leader to push the job is not as good as the section chief above who surrendered for help.


4. Whoever is honest will do more

 It is said that honest people don't suffer. This is a general rule. The honest people in the workplace are real, do not cheat or harm others, do not invite trouble or cause trouble, and do their own things in their own workplaces every day.


 As long as you observe carefully, every unit has a group of such people, and they are not obvious. It is such a group of unknown people who support a lot of daily work in each unit.


Sometimes, even the leaders cannot be named by their names, but they still stick to their positions and responsibilities in obscurity.


 Gradually, leaders will form the impression that there is something to be assured of honest people, especially capable honest people. As a result, the honest old scalpers added a few more sets from time to time, pulled up a few more hanging plows, and plowed a few more acres of land.


However, they still ate the handful of grass that was allocated to them.

 Doing more work is actually not a big deal. The problem is often at the end of the year. It is necessary to evaluate the best, recommend cadres, and promote and reuse. Honest people are embarrassed to find the leader to "one run two to three toss", and they are not good at "scraping votes", sometimes because there are Even the unfinished work, even the venue of the democratic recommendation meeting, is late or even unable to attend.

As a result, everyone will think that such a comrade has no personal ideas, so let's continue to do it steadily. So you just continue to work more honestly.

Why do you have unfinished tasks? The reason is that some people do less than you. If everyone is so busy, it's not just that you always have unfinished tasks.

These four reasons can actually be boiled down to one problem: those who are able can work more, and if you work more, you will get more.

For these four reasons, the key is to rely on the leaders of the power plant to solve them. If those who can do more work but dont get too much, in the end they still have to fight for votes, face familiarity, relationship, and even daddy. If that continues, those who are able will gradually become ninjas and old fritters in the workplace.

 There are more and more ninjas and fritters in a power plant. Such a power plant will only become thinner and tasteless.