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Do you think it is advisable for front-line employees to understand the drawings and not follow the specifications?

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The standard drawings are not understood by the front line, and the boss does not approve them. They also praised the irregular drawings. It is simply too much. How can this problem be solved?

At the beginning, the same as the original poster, everything was marked, but in the end I found that it was useless. If there is a problem, it can be reworked and repaired. Now, if you learn well, you can save trouble and worry about the basic size!


It's not that I don't understand, this is a question of responsibility? Nothing is marked, if something goes wrong, can you rip? It's all like this now, don't be surprised!


The landlord does what the locals do, and every company is different. If you follow the standards, you will not be easy to mix up in the company. Remember to do as you live!


According to my understanding, the drawing must be standardized and complete; if the drawing itself is wrong, if the product processed by the workshop has problems and needs to be scrapped, the workshop will transfer the responsibility to the drawing. The workshop will often say: because the drawing is wrong, it leads to scrap. In this case, the creator of the drawing will have to bear a lot of pressure. Therefore, a formal drawing requires several revisions and so on. According to the host, I estimate that in addition to marking the traditional dimensional tolerances, the host also marked geometric tolerances, theoretical dimensions, position degrees, etc., such a drawing should be more realistic and more able to express the design requirements. However, in the current factory, especially at the grassroots level, there may not be too many people who can truly understand such a picture. Most people may only understand one-dimensional linear tolerance. If the drawing is only for our own use, is it practical and standard supplementary? If the drawings are for external collaboration, should they be standardized? In case the outsourcing factory is scrapped in batches, the responsibility will be pushed to the surface of the drawing. It really feels like: Xiucai meets soldiers, it's unreasonable.


I feel the same way. I just need to mark the workers and say that the requirements are not met, I can't do it by yourself, and the boss also said that there is no need for such high processing costs, okay! We changed it and left only the basic size, and the final result was not accurate enough, and it was said that the things we designed were not good enough. The design they understand is drawing, regardless of craftsmanship. Just make it according to the model...It's really irritating...


The most annoying sentence is "The precision is too high to be done". The most annoying is that it requires lowering things to make, but it just can't be installed. Another sentence: "It's all done according to the drawings." Just hear others say so. Want to go up and beat him


I know this. Since they need front-line employees to understand the drawings, of course the simpler the better. Of course they cant understand the shape and position tolerances. I can only go against my own knowledge and professionalism and follow the customs.


Non-standard graphics can be regarded as a restrictive factor for the slow development of China's machinery!


Some companies do not need to be very meticulous. This is a practical problem and many workers have not even attended a technical school. They are simply apprentices directly after graduating from junior high school. Not to mention the benchmark symbols and tolerances that he doesn't understand.


This year, the regular army can't do wild roads.


In the same way, several companies I joined have problems in this regard. Now it is about the standard issue of the drawings that I enter the company to communicate with the processing master.


Our company is better than yours. The people in the workshop don't care what your markings mean, and they often finish it. Then you find his mistake, and then people just say that I can't understand the drawings. . .


I was forced to mark the tolerances as positive below and negative above.


Owner, many people will have this situation. Communicate more with the workshop. The drawings are for processing convenience, not just for viewing.


It is still necessary to analyze the specific situation. Others who can understand it may not be able to. The drawing is for others to see. It is better to communicate more. Of course, it is better to be standard.


See you! The boss is like this


This has something to do with the general environment of the company with the professionalism of workers. The original poster does not have to worry about what mountain to sing or sing. While sticking to your professionalism, you must also understand and make things simpler. The boss who is eager for quick success will not add money to you because of your good picture. What he looks at is output. If you want to be praised, you only need to combine the actual situation of the workshop and understand the real needs of the workers. The highlight of your drawing is the urgent need of the workers. You will definitely be praised next time. Our factory is also quite messy. A set of tooling drawings has no assembly drawings, and the markings are not standardized. When I first came, I marked everything according to my original drawing habits. Later I found that some were useful and some were useless, and I felt the same as the original poster. Later, I found that the assembly drawings responded well on the spot, because you marked all the accessories for him, and it was clear how to cooperate. If the processed parts were not suitable, he would fix it with you. Now they are required to bring assembly drawings, so they will have to draw assembly drawings in the future. The so-called practice is the only criterion for testing truth.


The site drawings are mainly practical, and the specifications are not very important. I have encountered it before


No matter how good you mark it, its useless if the workers dont understand it. The quality of front-line workers must be taken into consideration. Generally speaking, migrant workers are the majority, or they need more process drawings. Therefore, it is recommended that you produce more than two pictures: one standard picture on file, and the other for the boss and workers to understand according to the situation. It's nothing more than removing some labels and wasting a few more sheets of paper.


The tolerances of our factory standard are not generally strict, and the bad equipment is still marked 3 or 4 H7 on the same product.

The drawings are for people to see, if others cant understand it, what's the use of standardizing.

Don't do things like this. If you can be sure that you are drawing according to the specifications, you must stick to it and develop a habit. This is the quality of the individual. If your drawings are okay and the parts you make are problematic, it is the responsibility of the processing. If you do not mark the tolerances and the processing has problems, it is your responsibility. It is a simple truth.


I used to draw a sheet metal drawing of a stainless steel box and took it out for processing. The guy in the processing shop said that he couldnt understand the length, width and height. But he still said that he couldnt understand it. After a long time of communication, he realized that he would only look at the three-dimensional picture. Finally, he drew a three-dimensional sketch. I told him the length, width and height, and he marked it himself.


It's the same in small companies, and the boss can mark as much as he feels. However, if you feel that it is not very out of the ordinary, you should accept it. After all, we are not doing any standardization. Drawings that everyone can understand are good drawings. Those who stipulate or what they have are clear about it.


After the editor: The drawings must be standardized, complete, concise and clear. This is the bottom line of being a design engineer. There is no room for bargaining. There is no such thing as "being in the countryside", and it is also a manifestation of the basic skills of an engineer. However, it does not mean that the more geometric tolerances are marked, the better, the higher the precision markings, the better. According to the actual needs of the design, the simpler the better, and the accuracy requirements must conform to the economic principle under the premise of clear and complete expression. You are welcome to express your opinions in the message area.