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No wait for the 7nm process of SMIC, etc. is the embarrassment of domestic semiconductors!

Source: Browse:174 The release date:2021.08.10 [ Large medium small ]

At present, TSMEP, Samsung's 3nm process already has a phased progress, and the US IBM is directly the world's first 2nm manufacturing process. Therefore, the Chinese people have more expectations for SMIC, many people are looking forward to When is SMIC to achieve mass production for the 7nm process.

As the technical person in charge of SMIC, Liang Mengmong said in the end of last year, for 7nm work

The risk trial production of the art will be implemented in April this year, but it is planned to have changed, and SMIC has continued to be plagued by relevant restrictions. Subsequently, Jiang Shangyi and the news of Liang Mengmeng is about to resign. Today, everything is already dust. Ding, all in the direction of the good direction, the Chinese began to look forward to the trial production of the 7nm chip.



Under the large environment of the world's comprehensive refinement, SMIC has been authorized to have a US mature process, and then ASML will send $ 1.2 billion in lightning machine orders. Many people think that domestic chips will usher in new hopes. At the same time, we have waited for the fact that they didn't want to see, just verified the appeal of Yin Zhiwei, the founder of the previous semiconductor.

SMIC does not have 7nm craft

At present, in 14 nm mature crafts, SMIC has been flattened at the good price, but the focus of SMIC is on the 28nm chip, and the investment will invest 70 billion to expand 28 nm production line. Many people have not understood that major chip companies are committed to developing more advanced process technology, why is SMIC to give up?




Previously, the 7nm process of SMIC has also been transmitted, and it is said that it is not necessary to use the EUV photolithography, using the existing DUV photolithography, after multiple exposure, it can realize the manufacturing of the 7nm chip, now In May, the risk trial production in April before, but now there is no news.


Some customers have begun to make any reply to SMIC. When the rumors of the 7nm chip, SMIC will not make any reply, and they choose silence. It is estimated that it has been in the 7nm process, obviously think To produce a 7nm chip, it is inseparable from the most advanced EUV lightning machine, and as early as three years ago, SMIC will start to buy ASML, but there has been no news from shipping.

Therefore, for the current SME International, the most advanced is still 14nm process, and the N + 1 or N + 2 of the previously circulated, has not had news. But in a more advanced FinFET process, it still has achieved very good results, but is limited to many factors, and it takes a long time to be able to invest in practical applications.

According to the leakage of SME International Liang Mengsu, it said that SMIC has a manufacturing capability of 7nm and 5nm chips. The current lack is EUV lightning machine. As long as the equipment is in place, it can launch a more advanced process technology. It is only a pity that it is almost impossible to get a lightning machine. I didn't expect to wait for so long, but the embarrassment of domestic semiconductor.




The equipment problem is the dilemma of domestic semiconductors.

According to related data, we can learn that while SMIC is China's company, but the chip production line, more than 90% of the equipment is relying on import, and the autonomous equipment is less than 10%, then why do you have such a difference? Woolen cloth? If you want everyone, you will also understand that in the existing industrial level in the chip field, you can't meet the current actual needs. Additionally, foreign countries have caused the strict defense of advanced technology, and a series of factors have led to such a dilemma.

Equipment issues are more than just SMIC's issues. Many domestic chip vendors are still similar to similar issues, not technical could not keep up, but the equipment can not keep up. Take the micro-semiconductor, the etching machine developed has reached the accuracy of 5nm, and even entered the supply chain of TSMC, but such advanced equipment has no effect on domestic chip manufacturers.

It is also because there is such a personal experience. As the founder of the medium, Yin Zhizhen, the founder of the medium, "" China should pay attention to the research and development of semiconductor equipment, major companies should increase investment, absorb the top talents in the industry, industry big Contact between scholars should be strengthened, cultivate more talents to solve the current Chinese semiconductor. "




The 70% of the chip self-sufficiency developed in the country, not only the problem of capacity, but also contains the localization of the industrial chain, but it is essential to achieve real domesticization, the penetration of cutting-edge domestic equipment is essential. Therefore, we should currently have some effort in this regard, as long as you can achieve the win-win situation of equipment and talents, you can solve the current semiconductor dilemma, what do you have?