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What if an employee does not voluntarily resign? Leaders often use these tricks, too overcast

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In the workplace, when some employees need to be dismissed, leaders will use many methods to force employees to resign, because if employees do not resign, the company will pay high costs and prices. Leaderscommon routines are as follows: So, if you are in the workplace, you still have to know a little bit. Don't use it on you at that time, you don't know anything.


Vicious competition law-

The vicious competition law is to formulate some competition rules. In this rule, a elimination mechanism is designed, and this mechanism is used to let employees voluntarily propose to resign through vicious competition.


The cold edge method- 

The main point of neglecting and marginalizing is that the leader does not let you work and lets you sit idle. However, it still complains that you are not working. In this way, you can automatically ask for resignation, which saves trouble and is simple.


Performance appraisal method

Many people understand that performance appraisal is for business management and personal growth and development. In fact, leaders mainly eliminate people through performance appraisal, or force everyone to think of ways when they cant achieve performance. When personnel are replaced, performance appraisal is useful.


Short board expansion method

Everyone has shortcomings, that is, your weaknesses. For example, if you are not good at technology, and then lead, you will find trouble in this regard, and expand your shortcomings for you, so that you can't be in the unit. Standing still, many people will voluntarily propose to resign in this situation.


Job consolidation method

The method of job merging is also often used by leaders. For example, in order to eliminate an employee and let him quit on his own initiative, he would cancel the job, and then arrange you to a job that you are not competent at all. You have no way to adapt. The new position, the original position can not be merged back, you will naturally leave the job obediently.


Alternative to the chase method- 

The so-called "replacement" means that your current job is replaced by a machine or covered by another post. To put it bluntly, the work you are doing now does not require you to do it anymore, it has been replaced by another person or machine. NS.

You say you cant leave. If you dont leave, arrange for you to take a vacation and rest at home, and then pay you a salary of RMB 1,800,800 a month. If you dont leave your job, you cant work in another unit. You can only stay here. Think about how many people can stay here.

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