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One piece of experience of old master's detour for programming

Source: Browse:36 The release date:2021.01.04 [ Large medium small ]

CNC machining center will have a collision, some people may encounter a collision in this case, there will be some confusion.Don't worry, the reasons for the crash are just the following!


Programming error

The process arrangement is wrong, the process undertaking relationship is not well considered, and the parameter setting is wrong,just like below situation:

The safety height is too low, resulting in the tool can not be completely lifted out of the workpiece;

The coordinate is set to zero at the bottom, but in practice, it is set to zero at the top;

The second roughing allowance is less than the previous one;

After the program is written, the path of the program should be analyzed and checked;


Program note error

Just like below situation:

Wrong marking of clamping distance or workpiece protruding distance of vise;

The number of one-sided collisions is written as the center of four sides;

When the length of tool extension is unknown or wrong, it will lead to tool collision;

The procedure list should be as detailed as possible;

The principle of replacing the old with the new should be adopted when the procedure list is changed: the old procedure list should be destroyed.


Program transfer error

The program number is wrong or the program is modified, but the old program is still used for processing; the on-site processor must check the detailed data of the program before processing; for example, the time and date of the program writing, and use the bear family simulation.


Tool measurement error

Just like below situation:

Tool setting data input does not consider tool setting bar;

The tool loading is too short;

Scientific methods should be used in tool measurement, and more accurate instruments should be used as far as possible;

The length of the tool should be 2-5mm longer than the actual depth.


In addition to the above four reasons, there are also reasons for collision

Wrong tool selection;

The blank is larger than expected, which is inconsistent with the blank set by the program;

Clamping factors, block interference and not considered in the program;

The workpiece material itself has defects or the hardness is too high;

Machine tool failure, sudden power failure, lightning strike lead to tool collision, etc.