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Operator, how can you change your overtime fate?

Source: Browse:43 The release date:2020.12.29 [ Large medium small ]

UG programming is to use the professional 3D software UG / NX (Unigraphics NX) developed by Siemens company to program the digital program of CNC machine tools. It provides a solution for users to design and process the virtual products.


The apprentice of computer operation and UG programming seems to be born with a kind of destiny. Fortunately, you can meet the master who treats you sincerely. Generally, the apprentice in the factory starves to death. Among them, I have a deep understanding that the so-called people at the bottom of society are easy to break through the lower limit because of their fixed mode of thinking, and they are easy to break the rules. The cruel society can expose their essence most, and the bottom humanity is easy to be tested It's hard to get rid of many problems even if we move from the bottom. This is a stereotype.


First of all, we should change the fixed thinking that we have been used to for a long time. For example, there is a characteristic of the upper class that they like to stress morality, dedication and obligation. This is a high vote answer. The people at the bottom often love to talk about money and face. The poor people have a lot of self-esteem and can't haggle over losses. They are full of gossip, which means they are poor and short of ambition.


The gap is born. Since everyone has independent thoughts, you can't control the existence of arrogance and prejudice. It is undoubtedly more difficult to change it. People at the bottom of life are often poor both in thought and material. They need to cut off all the courage to get away with luck and ease in order to go forward bravely and win a way out. Otherwise, it is really terrible, or you will never experience the happiness of the upper class.


I was born in a remote rural area, like everyone else. At first, I was a member of the bottom of the society. Combined with my personal experience, I would like to share my feelings with you. It's not easy to say that if you want to change the status quo, you must first learn knowledge and then work hard. Otherwise, if you want to change the status quo, it's just a matter of time.


I am a rural child, living at the bottom of the society, but I will not polish my will. Give up my ideal. What I want to state is not how successful I am, but how I have changed my face to the earth and back to the sky. No matter how educated you are, if you want to change the status quo, you must learn and work hard! Otherwise, it will be empty talk.

In fact, there is no way to change it, or it is difficult to change it. It needs the joint efforts of three or four generations, plus the political reasons of lucky people and so on! But it doesn't mean that ordinary people can only listen to fate, study hard or learn technology. Those with business sense can do business, and it's not difficult to make a better life. If you say you have to be in the upper class, it's not by hard work!

Since ancient times, China's workers and peasants have not been able to stand out. Because of Confucianism, Confucius' lack of tools, learning is a good way to become an official and so on, it is doomed that China's bottom workers will never be respected like Germany and the United States! For thousands of years, it can't be changed with one effort! Therefore, our pilots need to be more strict with themselves. It's difficult to be in the current situation. If you don't realize your situation, no one can help you.


There was an old man who married a beautiful young wife. Soon after his wife became pregnant, the old man excitedly asked the doctor: I am so old, and I have no ability at all. In this case, will my wife be pregnant?

The doctor told a story. There was a hunter who went hunting in the mountains, but he mistook his umbrella for a shotgun. After entering the mountain, a bear suddenly appears and pours on it. The hunter picked up his umbrella in a hurry, and the bear fell down with a bang.

The old man exclaimed: it's impossible. Someone else must have fired.

Yes, the doctor said: you finally understand.

Some people, seeing that the hunter pointed at the bear with an umbrella in his hand, and the bear fell down in response, decided that the umbrella was a terrible weapon. Seeing that some people have won economic freedom after mastering knowledge, they firmly believe that knowledge - in fact, what they are talking about is a Diploma - can change fate.

But in fact, diploma is just an umbrella, even if it is knowledge, it is just an empty gun without a bullet. People who think that having a diploma or unreliable knowledge can change their fate are really optimistic.


Let's ask, can knowledge change fate?

Perhaps, it is not knowledge that changes fate.

——It's a potential acquired by learning knowledge.