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Officials of the Chinese Academy of Sciences! Solid -state battery breakthrough!

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As the core technology of the next generation of power batteries, solid -state batteries have continued to heat up in the near future and have attracted much attention from the market.


On April 10, according to the Qingdao Biological Energy and Process Research Research Institute ("Institute of Qingdao Energy Research) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Institute of Advanced Energy Storage Materials and Technology Research Group made new progress in the research of vulcanization electrolytes, solving sulfide sulfide The pain points and bottlenecks of the industry of all -solid -state battery stacking process have opened up the last difficulty of the large -scale vehicle battery production process of vulcosion full solid battery, and achieved key breakthroughs in the technology of sulfide soft bag battery stacking technology.


In the past two years, solid -state batteries have been a hot topic in the lithium battery industry. It is understood that compared with the traditional liquid battery, solid batteries have technical disruptability and can solve the two core pain points of electric vehicles spontaneous combustion and fire and low temperature loss. car.

The semi -solid route has a small change in the existing liquid lithium -ion battery system and is regarded as a transitional route that is considered a full solid state. Medical, consumer electronics and other high -end scenarios have begun to be commercialized.

Strive for mass production in 2026


Because of its advantages such as high safety, good stability, and high energy density, the full solid -state battery solves a series of problems such as short life, flammable and explosive in the traditional organic electrolyte battery. Power battery technology that is concerned.

On April 10th, according to the Qingdao Institute of Energy of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the research team of the Institute of Advanced Energy Storage Materials and Technology in the Institute made new progress in the research of vulcanic electrolytes, and solved the industry pain points and bottlenecks of the full solid -state battery stacking process of sulfide. The last difficulty of the large -scale vehicle battery production process of the sulfide full solid -state battery was opened, and a key breakthrough was obtained in the technology of sulfide soft bag battery stacks.

It is reported that the multi -layer soft bag battery cycle prepared by the above -mentioned research team is 300 times, the capacity is almost non -decaying, and the performance is still being tested. At present, the research team is undergoing the preparation of the 20AH sulfide all -solid -state battery molding production line, and cooperates with the upstream and downstream industrialists to accelerate the technology research and development and verification process, and strive to take the lead in mass production of full solid -state batteries of sulfide in 2026.


According to the type of electrolyte, the lithium battery technology system can be divided into three categories: liquid electrolyte lithium battery, hybrid solid electrolyte lithium battery, and full solid electrolyte lithium battery. Full solid electrolyte battery does not contain liquid electrolytes, only solid electrolyte. In the field of lithium battery, solid electrolyte refers to lithium ion conductor with good ion transmission performance. Solid electrolytes include three categories: oxides, sulfides, and polymer solid electrolytes.


At present, the Qingdao Energy Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has built a kilogram of sulfide electrolyte electrolyte to prepare a medium test line in batches, which can achieve kg -level stable preparation; the full solid battery small testing line has been established. The ion battery has a cycle of 1,000 times at a rate of 0.5C at the normal temperature, and the capacity is maintained by 92%. The battery is still being tested (Toyota has a standard of 1500 cycles, the capacity is maintained by 80%), and the discharge capacity is discharged under the 4C multiplier.


Solid -state battery industrialization accelerate


The solid battery equipped with the Zhi Ho Heng L6 a few days ago is strictly a semi -solid battery, that is, solid solid hybrid technology. Li Yan, the co -founder and general manager of Qingtao Energy, said: "In order to enhance the lithium ion conductivity of the solid electrolyte, we added 10%of the infiltration liquid to the electrolyte."


Insiders said that although semi -solid batteries have reduced the amount of liquid electrolyte, there is still risk of flammable.


Recently, the news about solid -state batteries has continued, and Hao Po, a high -end luxury brand of GAC Euan, released a new all -solid -state battery technology on April 12, using 100%solid electrolyte. The self -developed all -solid -state battery released by GAC Ean has obtained a staged breakthrough in the dimensions of energy density, safety and manufacturing technology. The all -solid battery uses the third -generation sponge silicon negative film technology (new nano -silicon composite negative pole) and high -surface capacity solid positive pole technology.


In an interview with reporters, the above -mentioned industry insiders said that the so -called "solid batteries" on the market are almost all semi -solid batteries.


"There are still some core issues of all industries that need to be resolved at present. At present, no one has the ability to mass -produce all -solid -state batteries. As for whether it can mass production by 2027, it is difficult for me to say it as a technician." Ningde Times chief scientist Wu Kai said in 2023.


Guohai Securities said that recently, the solid batteries of many companies have continued to advance in performance improvement and production progress. It is expected to accelerate the industrialization process of solid -state batteries. It is expected that in 2030, full solid battery is expected to fully realize commercialization.

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