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Why can't the SOP in the production workshop be executed?

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Under the premise of ensuring product quality, the essential competition of enterprises is the competition of efficiency and cost. How to continuously improve production efficiency is both the key to the sustainable development of the enterprise and the fundamental way to reduce the cost of manufacturing.

Of course, we must strictly operate (SOP) according to the process standards. In order to enable the operator to better understand the production process and improve the efficiency of work, we should subdivide the two processes up and down, and continuously improve the principles of the process. One of the most reasonable ways.


When doing homework, the following issues should be considered:

Why: Is it necessary to do this action? Is there a better way?

Where: Why do you do here? Is there a more suitable place?

When: Why do you do it at this time? Is there any more suitable time?

So, on how to improve the problem of productivity, the author puts forward a few views in combination with experience:


1.Improve our homework habits

(1)Maintain a good sitting position to make the body combined with the workbench more reasonable, which is conducive to operation.

(2) Try to use both hands to engage in production during the production process.

(3) Within the operation range, keep as much as possible to improve the time utilization.

(4)Improve employee production skills (training and skill assessment).


2.Reasonable allocation workplace

Pay attention to the location of the raw material

(1)The movement of hands and arms should be within the normal working area (the scope that can be touched by the normal sitting position) should be.

(2) The work that must be noticed with eyes should be guaranteed to have a normal vision and can see the condition of the operating point.

(3)Tools and materials should be placed in a fixed position for easy obtaining it. You can also place the most commonly used and reusable materials near the nearest, and place it in order of the material assembly.


3.Tools and equipment

(1) Tools and equipment should be placed where they can be obtained at hand.

(2) Design and use simple auxiliary tools or workstones to make production smoother, more reasonable, and facilitate operation.


4.Material handling

(1) For the convenience of taking, you must have a good design in advance.

(2) Consider arranging some workers according to the principle of gravity to send the materials to the location.

(3)Preset and classify the materials and parts required for the next process. 

5.Save time

(1) Concentration of spiritual concentration during work, so that it can improve the problem of manual hesitation or temporary stop. At the same time, it can also avoid safety accidents, such as blowing burn, and injury of items.

(2) Analyze the actions when we work. Which actions are necessary and which movements can be merged. This can reduce the steps and shorten the time.


6.-inspection and mutual inspection.

In production management, in general, as long as the quality is good, the efficiency is naturally high. Bad products often affect efficiency of more than 3 times. In the previous production rationalization consultation, it was found that general enterprises spent a lot of resources for the first and last parts, full inspections and special inspections, but ignored employees' self


"Quality is manufactured", how can this sentence be implemented to the implementation level?

(1) Employees must do a good job of self -inspection during the production process

  Confirm the processing quality of the upper procedure parts;

  -Coust the technology, process requirements and processing quality of the processing of this process;

 -Adged the quality of the completion of the delivery process.


(2) Employee mutual inspection, generally there are two principles of quality management

  -The downstream process has the right to claim the upstream process

When the first process provides products for the second process, if the second process detects the existence of bad products, such as providing 10 products, 9 are passed by the second process, which is qualified and one is unqualified. Then, the second process has the right to claim the upstream process. The claim index here is quite amazing, and it is increasing in geometry.

  -The downstream process does not detect bad products, there must be a corresponding penalty for punishment

After the first process provides products for the second process, if the second process does not detect the existing bad products, and it flows to the third process, the third process will deduct the second process bonus……

Through the design of a series of systems, let employees do self -examination and mutual inspection, which can not only greatly improve efficiency, but also significantly reduce quality inspectors.

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