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Mechanical engineers must master the theoretical knowledge

Source: Browse:102 The release date:2024.01.25 [ Large medium small ]
1.How to avoid the warping of components during welding, making it difficult to obtain accurate dimensions for incandescent joints?

      Under the condition of satisfying the strength, the length of the weld should be as short or segmented as possible according to the actual structure, and the crossing of the weld should be avoided; 

      Measures are taken in the welding process to make it possible for the component to move slightly during cooling. 

      After welding, heat treatment (such as annealing) should be used to eliminate residual stress.

2.What are the main types of connections?
      Flat key connection, semicircular key connection, wedge key connection and tangential key connection.
3.Basic parameters of sprocket (rolled wheel)?
      The joint moment of the chain (P), the maximum outer warp of the sleeve (d), the row moment (P1) and the number of teeth (Z) are used.
4.What are the forms of gear failure?
      Gear breaking, tooth surface wear, tooth surface pitting, tooth surface bonding, plastic deformation
5.Gear commonly used materials?
      Forged steel, cast steel, cast iron, non-metallic materials.

6.What strength calculations are required for a standard spur gear drive? 

      The force analysis of the tooth, the bending fatigue strength of the tooth root and the contact fatigue strength of the tooth surface are calculated.

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