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Mechanical assembly: optimization and practice of size chain

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Mechanical assembly is an important part of the manufacturing process of mechanical equipment. It involves the combination and adjustment of multiple components to ensure the performance and accuracy of mechanical equipment. During the mechanical assembly process, the size chain is a very important concept. It can reflect the relationship between each size during the assembly process, thereby helping us optimize the assembly process and improve the accuracy and performance of mechanical equipment. This article will introduce the concept, application and optimization practice of the size chain.


1. The concept of size chain

The size chain is a closed size system that is formed by a measured size. It consists of a series of size ring, and each size ring reflects the size of a position, one angle or a part of the assembly process. These rings are interconnected, forming a whole, reflecting the changes and constraints of the measured size.


2. The application of the size chain in mechanical assembly

In mechanical assembly, the application of the size chain is very wide. First, it can be used to determine the key size and key points in the assembly process, thereby guiding the optimization of the assembly process. Secondly, it can be used to analyze and solve problems in the assembly process, such as oversized size and looseness. Finally, the size chain can also be used to predict the performance and life after assembly, which provides a basis for the maintenance and maintenance of the equipment.


3.the optimization practice of size chain

(1) Optimize the sequence of assembly

The impact of assembly sequence has a great impact on the size chain. A reasonable assembly order should be able to reduce the interaction between each ring in the size chain, thereby improving the preparation accuracy. When optimizing the sequence of assembly, factors such as the processing order, thermal treatment requirements, and installation order of the parts should be considered.


(2) Optimize assembly method

Different assembly methods will have different effects on each ring in the size chain. For example, the use of automated assembly methods can reduce human errors and improve the preparation accuracy; the use of precision measurement tools and methods can more accurately measure the size of each ring to better control the assembly accuracy. Therefore, when optimizing the assembly method, the appropriate tools and methods should be selected according to the actual situation.


(3) Optimize the assembly environment

The impact of the assembly environment on the size chain cannot be ignored. For example, factors such as temperature, humidity, and vibration all affect the size and accuracy of each ring. Therefore, measures should be adopted during the assembly process to control environmental factors, such as the use of constant temperature and humidity environment, shock absorption measures, etc. to ensure the accuracy and stability of each ring.


(4) Establish and improve the measurement system

The measurement system is an important means to control the accuracy of assembly. When establishing a measurement system, the accuracy, stability, reliability of the measurement of the equipment should be considered to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the measurement data. At the same time, the measurement system should be regularly calibrated and verified to ensure its effectiveness. In addition, the measurement system should be continuously optimized according to the actual situation, such as improving measurement methods, increasing measurement points, etc. to improve measurement accuracy and control capabilities.


(5) Strengthen quality awareness and management

Quality is a lifeline for mechanical assembly. During the mechanical assembly process, quality awareness and management should be strengthened to ensure that each link meets quality requirements. At the same time, we should also establish and improve the quality management system, comprehensively monitor and manage the assembly process, discover and solve problems in time, and ensure the stability and reliability of the assembly quality.


In short, the size chain during the mechanical assembly process is a very important concept, which can reflect the interdependence and influence between each component. By optimizing the sequence, methods, environment, measurement systems and quality awareness and management, we can better control the assembly accuracy and stability, improve the performance and accuracy of machinery and equipment, and provide better guarantee for the production and operation of the enterprise and support.

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