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Calculation of bearing lubricating oil volume calculation

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Lubricating oil lubrication describes the state of oil lubrication more vividly. Generally speaking, fat lubrication is a semi -solid state, and lubricating oil is a liquid state. Compared with lubricating fat, it is not easy to attach to the surface of the object, or it is difficult to be difficult Large attachment. If the rolling bearings are pre -lubricated like a pre -filled method of lubrication, the lubricating oil attached to the bearing surface will not be enough to meet long -term operation. Therefore, when using lubricating oil lubricating bearing, the bearing is often similar to continuous oil injection. Correspondingly, the amount of lubricating oil requires different lubrication methods.


Therefore, we introduce the amount of lubricating oil required for rolling bearing in a different way of lubrication.


Oil bath lubrication

In the rotating equipment, the oil bath is soaked in the lubricating parts in the lubricant. By rotating the lubricating parts, the lubricating oil is rotated by lubricating parts, so that the lubricant is distributed on the lubrication method of the lubricating surface.


For rolling bearing, the oil bath lubrication is part of the bearing in the lubricant. When the bearings are running, the lubricant is driven by the bearings and distributed in the bearings to play a lubricating role.


In the oil bath lubrication, the lubricating oil bath lubricating oil is related to the space, so the lubricating oil level is generally used to control the amount of lubricating oil.


The requirements of the lubricating oil level in the rolling bearing oil bath are higher than the height of the lowest rolling body center with the lowest bearing. Below this height may have insufficient lubricating oil.


Cyclic lubrication

In the device, the cycle is often lubricated. Circular oil lubrication is sometimes achieved through the lubricating oil circulation system, and sometimes it is implemented in a way similar to splash lubrication.


In the cyclic oil lubrication, the lubricating oil is continuously replenished, the oil road continues, and the lubrication is continuous. In addition to lubricating oil, lubricating oil will also take away calories.


An empirical formula can calculate a certain amount of circulating lubricating oil:


F = f db


F is the coefficient in the formula, 0.00003 for the ball bearings, and 0.0005 for the roller bearing. D is the bearing external classics, the unit is millimeter; B is the bearing width, and the unit is millimeter. F is the amount of lubrication required, and the unit is L/min.


Lubricating lubrication

For high -speed bearing, the bearings can be lubricated by the method of lubricating lubrication. The nozzle that is usually required to spray lubricating oil into the bearing. If the oil jet nozzle cannot spray the lubricant inside the bearing, then this lubrication is equivalent to cycling lubrication, and it cannot play the role of the fuel injection lubrication, which will cause poor lubrication of the bearings.


The correct fuel injection method should ensure sufficient oil volume, while ensuring a certain amount of fuel injection speed, the general fuel injection speed is 15 meters/s. At the same time, the amount of fuel injection is also considered as considering lubrication and taking away the calories, and you can refer to the amount of oil that is lubricated.