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Questions and quick answers of the bearing gap question

Source: Browse:609 The release date:2023.08.03 [ Large medium small ]

Regarding the question of the bearing gap, the last quick question was still not deliberately answered, so it supplemented. Readers are also welcome to ask other bearing applications. We can simply answer with a quick answer to help readers quickly understand. Questions can be sent to me in the public account.


1. Is a motor bearing gap the same?

Answer: Whether the gap in the bearing in a motor is the same as the motor design and its own working conditions. Sometimes the gap can be the same, sometimes it is different. For motors that are similar to the bearing model, motor stretching and non -axis extension (temperature, load, etc.) motors may be consistent with the bearing gap at both ends. However, for some electricals with different types of bearing, different temperature differences at the front and rear ends, and a large difference in load, the gap between the bearing of both ends may be different. You need to choose according to the specific working conditions.


2. Is there a simple conversion relationship between axial gap and radial gap?

Answer: For cylindrical roller bearing, there is no axial gap, so there is no need to calculate. For angle contact ball bearings, general use of axial gap school nuclear, and the radial gap is not required. For deep groove ball bearing, the axial movement volume of the deep groove bearing can directly affect the axial movement, so sometimes some control is required. Generally, there is a related calculation formula for the axial gap of the deep groove ball bearing. Generally, if it is not convenient to use the formula for detailed calculation on the site, it can be estimated according to the relationship of about 10 times, that is, the axial gap is about the radial gap. 10 times.


3. What is the relationship between the pre -tightening and gap of the bearing?

Answer: When applying a bearing premature force to the bearing, the inner circle of the bearing will be pressed, and at the same time, it will produce a certain elastic deformation. Generally, we will call this situation as the negative gap state of the bearing. Therefore, the positive pre -tightness of the bearings is the negative gap of the bearings, and the positive gap of the bearing is the negative tightness of the bearings. At the same time, the axial pre -tightness and the gap are measured by a distance unit.


4. Will the bearing of the high temperature be stuck?

Answer: When the bearing gap is too small, the bearing will occur in operational blocking. Sometimes it is even stuck to be unable to rotate. We call it stuck. At this time, the bearing gap is negative. The initial gap of the bearing is generally a positive value. After the temperature of the bearing rises, if the temperature of the inner and outer ring in the bearing is the same, the size of the heat expansion is similar, and the impact on the remaining gap in the bearing is very small. Therefore, when the temperature of the high temperature and the temperature of the inside and outside of the bearing is consistent, it may not cause the stuck of the bearing. However, if the temperature of the inner and outer ring of the bearing is large, the inner and outer ring of the bearing in the bearing brought by temperature is large, which may cause the bearing card to die.


5. How is the commonly used gap?

Answer: According to the national standard, the gap of the bearing is divided into several groups. It is represented by C+numbers. Among them, C is the first letter of English Cleaarence. The numerals in the back represent the gap in the gap. The larger the number, the larger the gap. For rolling bearing, the most commonly used bearing gap is the common gap CN CN gap and C3 gap. You can choose a larger gap or smaller gap for special conditions.


6. How is the gap of the diagonal contact with the ball bearings be determined?

Answer: The diagonal contact the spherical bearing is nominated in a general bearing comprehensive recording. In many cases, the gaps of the corner contact with the ball bearings are composed of two separate angle contact of the ball bearings. They can often be matched according to the needs of the user. The forming method is achieved through the grinding processing of the bearing circle. For the angle contact of the universal pair, the two bearings of the same gap group can be swapped, and the gap remains in the corresponding group after the swap. The division of the gap group can refer to the type of various manufacturers.


7. How to choose a cone roller bearing gap?

Answer: The gap of the cone roller bearings is pushed out according to the work clearance plus temperature changes and the coordination of the tolerance. The working gap of the cone roller bearings with a bearing load should not be greater than 0 (bearing off). At the same time, the gap of the bearing can ensure the life of the bearings.


8. Is the gap between the deep groove bearing and the cylindrical roller bearing gap?

Answer: The gaps of deep groove ball bearings and cylindrical roller bearings are performed according to the corresponding standards, but even under the same group, the specific value of the two bearing gaps is different. For example, the gap between the CN group, the gap of the cylindrical roller bearing is larger than the deep groove ball bearings.