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Machinery factory employees with dead wages have an amazing habit!

Source: Browse:139 The release date:2021.07.28 [ Large medium small ]

 Excuse me, what is the difference between reading and not reading?

 There are many answers below.

 The image answer is: 

One evening, the two parents and sons went out to see the sunset. The father of reading will say: sunset and solitary flocks fly together, autumn water has a long sky color. Father who didn't read only said: lie in the groove, this sunset! Lying in the groove, and birds! It's a good looking bedroom.


The answers of literature and art are as follows:


"When I was a child, I had eaten a lot of food, and although I can't remember what I've eaten now, it's certain that some of them have grown into my bones and meat." In your present temperament, what you have read, the way you have gone, the person you love.


The man who studies will talk to you about poetry and songs to give life ideals. A man who doesn't read books will talk to you about the women's tickets for the car house.


But if I come and answer, I want to say: sometimes, reading or not determines whether you are paying for death.


isn't it?


Last month, media reported that in 2017, the average monthly wage of 37 cities in China was 7789 yuan. Liu Lei, a friend of wechat, forwarded the message and added a comment: "Zhaxi, I work five years, with a monthly salary of only 4000.".


I'm going to leave a message, but I think, I'll forget.


In recent years, I have dealt with Liu Lei a lot. Liu Lei is a very competent employee, but his biggest weakness is that after graduation, he has hardly studied actively. Colleagues have participated in various courses, and they are able to improve their business ability. Liu Lei has lived a quiet and healthy life every day without pressure.


These days, a speech by Zhang Quanling, a former CCTV host, was madly spread in the circle of friends, which said: "when the times throw you away, even a goodbye will not tell you.".


If you want to face the future, you must open your mind, put down your body and continue to learn.


What is the most terrible thing?


It's not your fourthousand a month, but you get a dead wage every year, but you never think about change, and you can make yourself more valuable without learning.


Your attitude towards death pay determines your life height and how far you can go.


In the last two years, I have studied nearly 100 people who have paid for death and found a surprising common habit: all the employees who take the dead pay are those who do not study actively after graduation.


On the contrary, those who always have the enthusiasm for learning and continuous refinement will only keep their lives on and on.


Have you ever seen a man with a monthly salary of 6000 but buying a house and a car in three years?


I've seen it.


When I was in the newspaper, the intern went to a stable enterprise after graduation, with a monthly income of 6000.


When friends around her, envy her work, she quietly took the CPA, took the oral English certificate, and invested in a small bakery with her friends.


A year later, she was admitted by a well-known foreign company for her excellent English expression ability, and her salary doubled several times. The rising salary and the income from her investment made it easy for her to buy a car and pay down payment for the house in three years.


If you're doing something valuable, like learning and investing in yourself, outside of your pay. In this way, you can be calm, go back and forth freely.


I'm not saying, there's something wrong with the death pay. I mean, don't be the one who pays for death.


If you are in the system, you must have the ability to get out of the system at any time; If you live a stable life now, you must have the bottom line of being able to live an unstable life.


To do this, the biggest secret is to learn. This society will always reward those who are learning quietly.


Of course, it's not about you going back to college. In the intelligent society, the way of learning is diversified.


I don't mean, everything needs to be learned, eyebrows and beards are grasped, and it is easy to digest.


My advice is that you must follow your own interests and learn those important and urgent skills. It is them that determine the quality of our lives.


Cai said that when you were 18, you felt English was difficult. You gave up English. When you were 28, you had to say "I won't be able to do it.". The more trouble you get in the early stage of life, the more lazy you learn, the more likely you will miss them later, people and things that make you move, and miss the new scenery.