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Want to get a high salary in CNC industry? Provide a few reference points, try this method

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First of all, I have to give you a blow. Everyone wants a high salary. If you want to graduate and get a high salary according to your description and your present condition If you want to graduate, you can get a considerable salary. You can consider for yourself, what kind of capital do you have to let others give you so much salary, whether you are an excellent graduate of a key university, what scientific research projects you have done, or what patents you have.


Of course, the better the enterprise, the higher the relative salary, but the higher the requirements for students.

If you want to get a high salary, I can give you a few references.



One is to switch to sales. Mechanical graduates can work as salesmen in some machinery factories. Generally, salesmen are paid with Commission, and the profits of these mechanical products are very high, so they can get a considerable commission.


Postgraduate entrance examination

The second is the postgraduate entrance examination. There are two kinds of postgraduate entrance examination, one is the examination of this major, the other is cross major. Take an examination of this major is to do fine, learn your major well, can't say learn to understand the line, because graduate learning is not like undergraduate learning, undergraduate learning a lot, very miscellaneous, but mostly just some superficial things.

The postgraduate courses are more specific and deeper than the undergraduate courses. Undergraduate studies are broad, graduate students speak is proficient, if you can master one aspect of things, plus a few years of work experience, you can also get a high salary.

If you choose the interdisciplinary postgraduate entrance examination, you can choose some high paid majors, or choose the economic management major. The salary of the economic management major rises faster than the mechanical one, and the rising space is considerable, but it also depends on your personal ability. There is no free lunch in the world.



Third, diligence. The most important thing for a mechanical graduate is not salary, but your job. When you work, you will find that many of the things you learn in school are different from those in the factory, one or two years or even several years after you just graduated. It's all a time to relearn in the factory. You have to learn all the things in the factory and do them well in order to complete the work well and get more salary.

In order to make more money in the company, one must be proficient and the other must be proficient. I know everything, I know everything, I can do whatever you want me to do, I can do well?

Just graduated college students do not want to be lofty, do not think that they are a college student is very great, think that college students should be paid. In fact, now the most worthless is the college students, there is no way ah, national education physique is not good. Now how much money people give you depends not on your education, but on your ability.

A senior fitter who has only gone to a technical school can earn more than ten thousand yuan a month. They rely on their skills. If you think about it, now that you go to the company and ask the boss for ten thousand yuan a month, why do you have to rely on it. Now the most important thing is to go to the factory and study hard.

Going to the factory to learn is the capital for you to talk about salary with the boss. From the present form, the machinery industry is a low wage industry. Wages are generally low.

Why? It's because in the form of China, we either want to buy what is ready-made, or we want to steal what is ready-made. We can't always look at what other people's things are like. You have to learn other people's things and do your own. If you can make your own things, I believe your salary will not be less.