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CNC machine tool processing inexplicable failure, teach several judgment methods, quickly find the cause

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(1) The intuitive method

When a CNC lathe malfunctions, the operator can analyze the malfunction through preliminary observation, judge the abnormal situation of the lathe when the malfunction occurs, and try to reduce the fault point to a certain range so that the equipment maintenance personnel can perform professional repairs.


(2) Parameter detection method

The various parameters of the CNC lathe are the basic conditions to ensure the stable operation of the lathe. Various parameter information is usually stored in the memory. When disturbed by external factors, it is likely to cause the CNC parameters to change, causing the lathe to not work normally. For those lathes placed for a long time, this phenomenon is more obvious, so professional maintenance personnel to check the parameters of the lathe is the main way to find some system failures.


(3) Functional test method

The function test method is to run a manual function test program on the lathe where the fault occurs to detect the fault. Professional maintenance personnel can determine the cause of failure of the CNC lathe by checking the effectiveness of various functions of the lathe.


(4) Component exchange method

After the general failure of the lathe is determined, professional maintenance personnel can take the parts exchange method to repair it. Under the condition of good external factors, replace the suspected faulty parts with electronic components of the same model, so as to determine and eliminate the fault location.


(5) Principle analysis method

The principle analysis method is based on the working principle of the CNC lathe, using an oscilloscope or a multimeter to analyze and compare the parameters and levels of each point, so as to judge and eliminate the fault. This method requires relatively high requirements for the professional ability of equipment maintenance personnel and the mastery of circuit principle and technology. When fault diagnosis is performed, the control circuit diagram of the fault location must be drawn to facilitate troubleshooting.