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Looking at this photo, I saw the hope of China's manufacturing industry!

Source: Browse:53 The release date:2020.12.21 [ Large medium small ]

Why does it shine?

Is this girl's beauty enough to attract attention?

Should not be

Beautiful women on TV are like clouds,

It's not that we haven't seen beautiful women.

The point is that this beauty is actually engaged in CNC work,

This is too abnormal in today's real society!

CNC is a technical activity in the manufacturing industry,

Nowadays, doing technical work is reduced to the bottom of society,

Even raising a family is a problem,

Even less dare to buy a house or a car in luxury,

How could a beauty choose this job!

There are many good choices for beauties.

Nowadays, social actors are the most popular. Be a actor,

So many actors can hold hundreds of millions of assets!

If an actor fails, he can be a model.

There are so many privileged people with rich wealth!

If you can’t be a model, then go and sell the house.

A house is more expensive than gold!

In short, don't mix in the manufacturing industry, the least promising!

Of course there is still a possibility,

Hedong for thirty years, Hexi for thirty years,

Maybe one day, the manufacturing industry will become popular?

On that day, the actors were ordinary people,

That day, the real estate bubble was extinguished,

That day, society is no longer impetuous,

That day, the model switched to making molds!

That is,

Everyone can be proud of manufacturing,

The spirit of entertainment returns to the "artisan spirit",

The bubble economy returns to the "real economy",

This will be the day when China's manufacturing industry is strong!

If the manufacturing industry is strong, the country must be strong! ! !