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Team travel

Source: Mingte Browse:973 The release date:2019.01.05 [ Large medium small ]

Everyone has a lot of dreams about places they have never been to, whether early or late. The dream of "Guilin" stems from childhood. In the primary school textbook, the teacher took us to read the river world, Elephant Trunk Hill.

In August 2018, I went to Guilin, which is what I longed for. When I was in Lijiang, I saw the mountains and rivers in front of me. It's like watching a landscape, but it's more beautiful than a landscape. A variety of mountains, the clear waters of the Lancang River, I am once again marveled at the magic of nature, and even painted such beautiful landscape paintings. The beauty of the moment, the joy of the atmosphere and the breeze of the breeze, it feels really refreshing. Yangdi to Xingping is the essence of Lijiang. It flows down the river and the sun is lazy. Qingguan Qifeng reflection, clear water, green hills, fog, sun smoke, mountains and rivers blurred. Along the way, I couldn't help but pick up the camera for a while, but more often, I didn't want anything, I quietly admired the green hills on both sides along the river.

When I arrived at the "Reed Flute Rock" into the hole, the feeling at the beginning was that the cave was dark and lacquered. Then when the instructor took us deep into the hole, we were really stunned by the inside scene, and the strangely shaped stone added inside. The combination of colorful lights makes the scene in the cave look so fantastic. The commentator explained that all of them are stalactites, which are naturally formed by the impact of sea water for thousands of years. I can't help but sigh the magic of nature, the various landscapes and wonders that can be formed by stalactites.

Longji terraces, here are all kinds of landscapes all year round, spring comes, water is full of fields, such as string of silver chain hanging in the mountains; summer solstice, Jiahe Tucui, like rows of green waves from Tianxia; Jinqiu, rice spikes, like The seat of the golden tower top Yuyu; Longdong, Ruixue Zhaofeng years, if the ring ring white jade cloud. This kind of scene is called a great spectacle on earth. Interestingly, in this vast world of terraced fields, the largest piece of land is only one acre. Most of them are only one or two rows of broken fields, so there is a saying that “the clothes cover the fields”.

From the fast-flowing river valleys to the peaks of white clouds, from the verdant forest edge to the steep cliffs, all the places that can be opened are discovered and used by the industrious Guilin people. Hundreds of meters in the vertical direction, the direction of the stretch can not see the end. It seems to be a huge ink painting paved between the heavens and the earth, making people reluctant to go back and forth, the heart of the world.
The short time is only a rough understanding of the beauty of Guilin. Everyone of her beauty refers to discovering, but her quiet beauty is only more experienced by people who are quiet.