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Steps For dongguang mingte hardware machinery Successful CNC Machining dongguan mingte hardware machinery

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Although every large 2518 CNC milling steps   3 axis  CNC milling machinery .dongguan mingte hardware machinery Machinery parts machining.

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Step 1.
Determine how the part will be machined.
This stage will include selecting the appropriate tooling and calculating the correct speeds and feed rates. It will also includes determining the stages of machining or operations and the number of programs and set ups required.
At this stage the limitations of the machine and tooling is considered.
Step 2.
List the tooling to be used.
The tool list will include; assigning each tool to a tool number and each tool will have a defined Speed (RPM) and Feed (feed rate - mm/min).
Incorrect information may lead to tool failure or premature tool wear and, poor quality component accuracy and surface finish.

Step 3.
List the operations to be carried out.
The tool list will include; assigning each tool to a tool number and each tool will have a defined Speed (RPM) and Feed (feed rate - mm/min).
This step will organise the thought process of the programmer and when passed on to the machine operator will inform what the machine is supposed to be to be doing at each stage.

Step 4.
List the coordinates required for each operation.
The program requires a set of coordinates; whether for drilled hole positions or profile shape. The coordinates are often not expressed directly by the drawing, they need to be worked out depending where the work piece datum is placed. Having them available as a list helps with the production of the CNC program.
This step will help solve problems if they are found when checking the program and running the CNC machine.

Step 5.
Write the CNC program.
The program must be written to suit the machine and control to be used for production.
The college course uses the ISO format language; this is found on many machines and is sometimes referred to as the Fanuc language. 

Step 6.
Load the CNC program. Check the CNC program. Proof / Test run the CNC program.
This must be done before the machine is handed over to the machine operators. The program and operations must be reliable to ensure good quality and production quantity.



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