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The mystery of the hot pulley

Source: Browse:99 The release date:2021.08.24 [ Large medium small ]

Its the same belt pulley. Today, the thread was tapped on the belt pulley. The motor shaft is completely impossible to slip, and a large amount of rosin has also been applied to the belt. The remaining reason may be that the belt is not slipping at all. Is the inner diameter of the outer diameter of 50 and the inner diameter of 22 caused by the excessive deformation of the wrap angle and the heat accumulation caused by the fast speed of the small wheel?


If this is the reason, will replacing the toothed belt solve this problem?

In addition, I found that the driving wheel is actually O-shaped, and the A belt is full of dots. If the O belt is installed, will the driven wheel not have enough contact surface? Will the difference of O type and A type cause fever?


The Brain Congress conducted an emergency meeting on site and made several suggestions:

1. Use two o-shaped belts

2. Use two tooth type A

3. Use two o-shaped long straps, use a triangle winding method, and add an empty wheel at a high place to make his wrap angle not so big

4 Use two A-type long straps


As for why there are so many entanglements, is the V-belt grip better than the toothed belt? Does the toothed belt generate less heat than the triangle belt?