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The harm of cutting fluid to human body must not be ignored!

Source: Browse:38 The release date:2021.07.13 [ Large medium small ]

Any chemical product may have potential harm to human health! Chemicals in cutting fluid may enter human body through skin contact, breathing, accidental drinking, splashing into eyes and other ways.


Engaged in machining friends, the best way is to check the MSDS file of your products! Any regular product will have such a document detailing the possible hazards of its products to users and the corresponding countermeasures.


Today's machine tools are high-pressure, the cutting fluid is atomized, without protection, it is easy to be inhaled into the lungs. So high grade machine tools are equipped with smoke recovery device, if your machine tool is not installed, it is 5 seconds after opening the safety door to enter the operation.


The most typical example is nitrite as a strong carcinogen and cheap antirust additive, so far in most of the domestic factories used in cutting fluid can be detected! So far, our country has no corresponding laws and regulations to prohibit it!


The harm of mineral oil to human body is certain. Emulsified oil with more mineral oil is no longer used in developed countries.


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