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Mingte organizes employees to do nucleic acid testing

Source: Browse:2908 The release date:2021.02.04 [ Large medium small ]

With the coming of the new year and the coming of the Spring Festival holiday, many colleagues have been delayed to go home because of the difficulty in nucleic acid testing. They are anxious and helpless. When the senior management of the company learned of this situation, they immediately started to contact the relevant professional testing institutions, and adopted the "door-to-door testing" method to solve the worries of the employees.


At 2 p.m. yesterday, the staff of the professional testing agency arrived at the factory on time. In a short time, a professional testing platform was built, and the medical staff soon put into the testing work. We also orderly queuing, efficient completion of the detection process, so from home a step closer.


Everyone said that it is convenient and time-saving to enjoy "door-to-door service". Thanks for the hard work of the medical staff, thanks for the company's thoughtful. I also hope that the epidemic will end soon, the country will be peaceful and the people will be safe, tomorrow will be better!

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