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Fire safety concerns you and me

Source: Browse:457 The release date:2020.11.23 [ Large medium small ]

Autumn and winter are the high incidence period of fire, an accident will cause irreparable life injury and economic loss. At the beginning of this month, under the organization of the property department, our factory participated in the "fire drill 2020 of Baidai Industrial Park".

Professionals are invited in the park to teach the person in charge of fire control of each company hand in hand, so that everyone can not only know the knowledge of fire protection in theory, but also practice in practice, and really master the basic skills of fire control. Everyone has feedback, through learning more realized the importance of fire protection work, fire should be put out from the source, everyone should have fire safety awareness, and there must be no fluke

psychology in front of the disaster. Everyone to enhance professional fire knowledge, for the safety of production escort!