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The Features Of CNC Machining Center

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Here is a factory who can do CNC Machining Grinding for you. If you need any information, feel free to let us know.

1. Two-line one hard CNC machining center X, Y, Z three-axis travel: 1000 × 600 × 600mm.

2. The spindle drive mode is belt type, the maximum speed is 8000 rpm (standard), and the direct-connected spindle can be selected 12000 rpm/15000 rpm according to customer requirements.

3. According to user needs: cam 20 knife fast ATC, or knife arm 24 knife absolute ATC, to meet the needs of different customers.

4. The head group is a heavy-duty box structure. Internal rib reinforcement, high rigidity.

5. The spindle cutter adopts the hydraulic mechanism. When the cutter is used, the spindle is evenly stressed to prolong the bearing life.

6. The electrical box is separated and designed in isolation. The heat source part of the controller is separated. The heat exchanger is used to dissipate heat in the front to prevent external dust from entering the power box. The fan is used for heat dissipation on the rear side.

7. The three-axis adopts high-precision ball screw, combined with precision nut preloading and tail end pre-tensioning device to ensure that the backlash and thermal deformation of the machine are kept at a low value for a long time.

8. The X and Y axes adopt linear slide rails with a fast moving speed of 24m/min, the Z axis adopts a hard rail, the fast moving speed is 18m/min, and the three-axis chip feeding is 8/8/8 (m/min). High-speed stable cutting feed.

9. The X and Y axes adopt linear slide rails, and the Z axis adopts hard rails. It has high rigidity, low noise and low friction. It can do fast displacement and obtain the best cycle precision. CNC machining center features