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We are invited to participate in the fifteenth China Summit on enterprise management

Source: Atina Browse:1064 The release date:2017.11.16 [ Large medium small ]

The fifteenth China Summit on enterprise management was held in Shenzhen on 3-4 November 2017. Thousands of outstanding entrepreneurs and experts and scholars came to the scene to share successful management experience with management elites from five hundred top, large state-owned enterprises and many excellent private enterprises, and explored the grand theme of transformation and upgrading of Chinese enterprises and the future. The general manager of Dongguan Mingte Hardware Machinery Co., Lin Zong was invited to attend the event.

After more than 30 years of rapid development in China's economy, China's manufacturing has made the world's first scale. With the continuous promotion of "China made 2025" strategy and the structural reform of the supply side on the national level, Chinese manufacturing enterprises are facing new challenges. It has become a common topic for Chinese manufacturing enterprises to quickly transform the extensive development mode that has heavy scale, speed and quick profit to the fine management mode of quality, efficiency and tree branding.
The fifteenth summit will focus on lean, automation, information and intelligent manufacturing, and comprehensively enhance the profitability of enterprises.