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Contact person: Wendy  liu

Phone: (86) 15362889256

E-mail: ‍sales@dgmtwj.cn

Tel: (86) 769-88388276

wechat: +86 15362889256

Factory: No.2, Baidai Industrial Park, Daojiao Town, Dongguan, China ,

Hotline:(86) 15362889256


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Enterprise vision: set up to become the leading brand in the hardware machinery industry

Enterprise spirit:

The right way: be good at summing up induction, efficient solution, continuous improvement and continuous development

Together: teamwork, sincere understanding, unity of purpose, work together

Enterprising: diligent, no best, only better, never stop

A win-win situation: grasp the cooperation share, 'global breakthrough all limits

Business philosophy:

The premise of our development: the common development of economic and social benefits

Our work style: the organic combination of rigorous pragmatism and bold innovation

Our management mode: the harmony and unity of humanistic management and strict management

Our principle of dealing with the matter: adhering to the principle and having a broad mind at the same time

Quality policy: customer first quality for the full attention of the whole staff

Quality goal: a qualified rate of 98%

Customer orders on time delivery rate 100%